Two Citrus County students are proving you're never too young to make a difference. 

  • 2 Citrus County student file to run for open school board seat
  • Nicholas Lahera, Adam York see opportunity for change
  • Two other contenders are in the race 

Adam York and Nicholas Lahera, both 18, have filed to run for the district 5 seat on the Citrus County School Board.

They see an open seat on the Citrus County School Board as an opportunity to create the changes they want in their schools.

"On the school board there's five spots and each of the spots is taken by either a parent or a teacher but there's no student," York said. "Why not have a student to represent that diverse spot. Have a board that's made up of different types of people different ideas, different mindsets, and coming from different places."

"I've seen the interworking’s of every classroom in every grade and I think that's something that if we incorporate it would be great for our community," Lahera said.

York is a Junior at the Academy of Environmental Science, based at Crystal River High School. Lahera is a Senior at Lecanto High School.

Both grew up in Citrus County Schools. Each believes that gives them a unique perspective on what could benefit the school system.

"I want to be in the classroom seeing the dynamics of it hearing the concerns of our students and our teachers and I really just want to focus on them. I think focusing on them a lot of other things would sort themselves out,” Lahera said.

"I want to try to not just work with our school board but to unite the school board of the state of Florida. That disconnect can be so damaging to the students not just at a county level but at a state level," York said.

York and Lahera feel confident they'll be able to balance their school work and any demands of the campaign. They hope the community will see their age as just a number.

"Just because I'm 18 my vote can still count my opinion still matters," York said.

"I feel like if people were to come to one of my events and hear me speak they wouldn't know my age unless I told them. I really just want to see great change in Citrus County," Lahera added.

There are two other contenders in the race, however.

The District 5 seat is currently held by Linda Powers. She is running again for her 4th term. Retired teacher Tim Stuart also filed for the District 5 seat. According to our partners at the Citrus County Chronicle, Stuart began teaching in the Citrus County school system in 1981.