Legoland Florida has added a virtual reality coaster to its roster. 

  • Legoland Florida debuts virtual reality coaster for kids
  • The Great Lego Race takes riders on a race through a Lego world
  • Riders go over mountains, down winding roads

“The Great Lego Race” is the first virtual reality coaster designed for kids, the park says.

It's a revamped version of theme park's previous Project X coaster.

The new attraction takes riders through a Lego race against popular Lego characters. With special virtual reality headsets, riders can feel like they're part of the story.

Riders are taken through a 360-degree world made of Legos. As they race to the finish line, riders go over mountains, down winding roads and across cliffs.

“We actually designed this experience to really mimic the way that kids play and the way their imagination works so for a child it makes perfect sense for a wizard to race right alongside a pharaoh and a pirate and a trend-setter and a surfer,” Legoland spokesman David Brady said.

Each drop and turn is synced up with the story played in the headset, so riders will really feel like they're there.

The track itself is the old Project X ride that the park transformed to give visitors a new and unique experience.

“The concept of this ride wouldn’t have even existed when we opened just 6 1/2 years ago,” Brady said.

Kids at the park loved it.

“My favorite part was the drop. It was really fun!” Anaya Dones said. “You really don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s kind of more fun and it builds up your adrenaline.”

If riders are not sure about riding with virtual reality don’t worry — the headsets are optional.

However, if riders decide to use the headsets, there are a few things to know, including how to put them on. Riders are told to sit in the ride vehicle before putting on the headset. After pulling down the lap bar, riders should attach the headset's clip to a ring on the bar. Riders can then put on the headsets, adjust the focus and tighten the headset around their head if necessary.

An instruction video plays in the queue, and Legoland employees at the attraction also guide riders through the process.

Riders have to be at least 6 years old and 48 inches tall to wear the virtual reality headsets.

Attractions Insider's Ashley Carter contributed to this report.