A 17-year-old girl is recovering at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital Monday less than a day after a Largo crash involving a wrong-way driver left her and three of her friends all with serious injuries.

  • Crash occurred at intersection of 66th St. N and 126th Avenue North
  • Wrong way driver killed in crash
  • FHP: Wrong way driver had been drinking

Though her grandparents are at her bedside providing some comfort, Shelly Melendez, 17, is in a lot of pain following the accident. 

"It was just like out of nowhere I just see this light and it hit us," said Melendez.

The Florida Highway Patrol says that light was coming from a wrong-way driver. Melendez was a passenger in the front seat when the cars collided head-on.

Melendez was transported to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital for her injuries. 

"I was wearing a seatbelt, so I have a seatbelt injury and my muscles over here are hurting,” said Melendez. “I have bruises here as well and my knee, I can’t put my foot down, it hurts."

Shelly’s three friends were also hurt and hospitalized.

"And I remember my first thought was, 'get out of the car or you're gonna die,'" said Melendez. "I was trying to see if everybody was okay, and I picked my best friend out of the car and out."

Vehicles involved in a crash in Largo involving a wrong-way driver, March 25, 2018. One person was killed in the crash, while four others were left with serious injuries. (Photo courtesy Florida Highway Patrol)

Troopers said the other driver in the crash, Ambreuna Brown, 26, was driving the wrong way on 66th Street North. They do believe alcohol was a factor.

Brown died in the wreck.

"She was drinking and driving and being irresponsible, but it’s still a life that’s gone and her family’s going to be impacted," said Melendez.

Five families total affected by the devastating crash. For Melendez’s part, she's just thankful she and her friends survived.

"Thankfully, the airbags and seatbelts helped us," said Melendez. "A miracle."