The Florida House passed a gun violence prevention package that already passed in the State Senate Wednesday evening.

After an eight-hour debate Wednesday, the House passed the bill 67-50, with a mix of Republicans and Democrats voting for it and against it.

Andrew Pollack, father of Meadow Pollack, one of the victims in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, gave a standing ovation to lawmakers as the bill's vote came down.

What's in the bill?

The bill that's being sent to the Florida House would do the following:


  • Creates a process to allow law enforcement to petition a court for a risk protection order to stop someone from accessing firearms if there is a danger that they will harm themselves or others. Orders can be issued for up to 12 months.
  • Allow law enforcement to seize firearms or ammunition for someone taken into custody under the Baker Act for 24 hours after that person has been released, provided there is no risk protection order against them
  • Prohibits a person with a mental illness or has been committed to a mental institution from owning a gun unless a court says otherwise


  • Raises the age a person may buy a long gun, shotgun or modern sporting rifle such as the AR-15 from 18 to 21 unless they are a member of the military or law enforcement
  • Prohibits bump-fire stocks from being bought or sold in the state


  • Establishes a public safety commission to investigate the mass violence incidents and make recommendations
  • Allows a county sheriff to set up a program to train certain school staff members to carry firearms. Excludes classroom teachers who only teach. 
  • Requires school districts to work with law enforcement in placing officers in school facilities and designating a school safety specialist
  • Provides funding for mental health care programs in schools

The bill also prohibits a person from making or posting threats about a mass shooting or act of terror, and orders FDLE to create a mobile app to allow the community to relay information about threats.

The cost of the package is $400 million. READ THE DETAILS.

Who voted for the bill?

To get the bill through the Florida House, a mix of Democrats and Republicans were needed.

On Tuesday, House Democrats tried and failed to take the so-called "Marshal Program" out of the package.

The plan would allow highly-qualified school personnel to carry guns, which caused some Democrats to reject the bill.

Meanwhile, some pro-gun Republicans thought the bill went too far in restricting access to guns.

Here is how state lawmakers from the Tampa and Central Florida areas voted on this bill:


Name  Party  Counties  Vote 
Rep. Larry Ahern R Pinellas Yes
Rep. Ben Albritton  R Polk Yes
Rep. Thad Altman R Brevard Yes
Rep. Bruce Antone D Orange No
Rep. Jim Boyd R Manatee, Sarasota  Yes
Rep. Jason Brodeur R Seminole  Yes
Rep. Kamia Brown D Orange No
Rep. Daniel Wright Burgess Jr.  R Pasco Yes
Rep. Colleen Burton R Polk Yes
Rep. Richard Corcoran R Pasco Yes
Rep. Bob Cortes R Orange, Seminole Yes
Rep. John Cortes D Osceola No
Rep. Janet Cruz D Hillsborough No
Rep. Ben Diamond D Pinellas No
Rep. Randy Fine R Brevard Yes
Rep. Tom Goodson R Brevard Yes
Rep. Jame Grant R Hillsborough, Pinellas  No
Rep. Joe Gruters R Manatee Yes
Rep. Shawn Harrison R Hillsborough Yes
Rep. Patrick Henry D Volusia No
Rep. Blaise Ingoglia R Hernando No
Rep. Sam Killebrew R Polk Yes
Rep. Mike La Rosa D Osceola, Polk Yes
Rep. Chris Latvala R Pinellas Yes
Rep. Thomas Leek R Volusia Yes
Rep. Amber Mariano R Pasco Yes
Rep. Ralph Massullo R Citrus, Hernando Yes
Rep. Stan McClain R Marion No
Rep. Lawrence McClure R Hillsborough Yes
Rep. Amy Mercado D Orange Yes
Rep. Larry Metz R Lake Yes
Rep. Mike Miller R Orange No
Rep. Wengay Newton D Hillsborough, Manatee, Pinellas, Sarasota  No
Rep. Robert Olszewski R Orange Yes
Rep. Kathleen Peters R Pinellas Yes
Rep. Scott Plakon R Seminole Yes
Rep. Rene Plasencia R Brevard, Orange Yes
Rep. Jake Raburn R Hillsborough Yes
Rep. Paul Renner R Flagler, Volusia Yes
Rep. David Santiago R Volusia Yes
Rep. Sean Shaw D Hillsborough No
Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith D Orange No
Rep. Ross Spano R Hillsborough No
Rep. Chris Sprowls R Pinellas Yes
Rep. Charlie Stone R Marion No
Rep. Jennifer Sullivan R Lake, Orange Yes
Rep. Jackie Toledo D Hillsborough Yes
Rep. Clovis Watson D Marion No


Name  Party  Counties  Vote 
Sen. Dennis Baxley  R Lake, Marion, Sumter  No
Sen. Randolph Bracy  D Orange No
Sen. Rob Bradley R Marion Yes
Sen. Jeff Brandes R Pinellas Yes
Sen. Bill Galvano R Manatee, Pinellas Yes
Sen. Denise Grimsley R Polk No
Sen. Dorothy Hukill R Brevard, Volusia No
Sen. Travis Hutson R Flagler, Volusia Yes
Sen. Tom Lee R Hillsborough, Pasco, Polk  No
Sen. Debbie Mayfield R Brevard Yes
Sen. Keith Perry R Marion Yes
Sen. Darryl Rouson D Hillsborough, Pinellas No
Sen. David Simmons R Seminole, Volusia Yes
Sen. Wilton Simpson R Citrus, Hernando, Pasco Yes
Sen. Kelli Stargel R Lake, Polk Yes
Sen. Linda Stewart D Orange No
Sen. Victor Torres D Orange, Osceola No
Sen. Dana Young R Hillsborough Yes