PINELLAS PARK — The man accused of shooting and killing Pinellas Park Civic Orchestra member Caroline Morton-Hicks was killed Friday by police in Pennsylvania. 

It was an outcome the family of Morton-Hicks said they hoped wouldn't happen. They wish police could've gotten some answers from the man who reportedly killed the mother and friend who only wanted to help him. 

Along with DNA found in her burned car and cell phone records that paint a picture of the night Morton-Hicks was murdered after orchestra practice, but there is still no why. 

Why did Siddeeq Ma'Shooq reportedly murder his landlord who hired him as a handyman to pay off his past due rent? -- That's a question people close to the victim say they probably would've never found out. 

"As heartless as he seemed to be, I don't think he would've been accessible to answer questions that the family had. I really don't think he would've cared what they wanted to know," said Pam Hugart, the victim's friend. 

Law enforcement ended up tracking Ma'Shooq all the way to Alabama where he held an elderly couple hostage, before fleeing again to Pennsylvania where he was shot and killed by police during a shootout. 

"It's nice to have that, but at the same time we're certainly pleased that his reign of criminal activity will no longer continue in that regard, so it brings our case to a closure but we still want to know those investigative questions," Pinellas Park PD Sgt. Michael Lynch said. 

Police said Morton-Hicks filed an eviction notice against Ma'Shooq a couple of days before her murder. 

Friends of the victim said she did background checks on her tenants but was very understanding to someone who wanted to rent one of her properties. 

Ultimately, the man who already served time for murder is the man who police say took her life.