Dayanna Volitich, the Crystal River Middle School history teacher who is under investigation for allegedly expressing white nationalist and alt-right views on a podcast she hosted under a pseudonym, has resigned, according to Citrus County Schools. 


In March 2018, a report of Volitich hosting a podcast called "Unapologetic" under the name "Tiana Dalichov" surfaced on the Huffington Post website. At the time, Volitich was a Social Studies teacher at the school. 

In a clip from the podcast — Volitich allegedly talks about hiding her political beliefs from administrators and agreed with a guest she was interviewing that people who share white nationalist opinions need to infiltrate schools and "take them back."

Upon learning of the report, Citrus County Schools issued a statement saying they'd removed Volitich from the classroom and initiated an investigation.

Volitich later issued a statement through her attorney stating that she was not, in fact, a white nationalist, and that in the podcast she "employed political satire and exaggeration, mainly to the end of attracting listeners and followers." 

According to the school district, Volitich's resignation will not be final until it is reviewed by the school board, pursuant to School Board policy, and that the investigation into Volitich's case is still ongoing.

Some parents and grandparents of children who attend or will be attending Crystal River Middle expressed relief and guarded optimism about Volitich's departure.

"Very happy about it, very happy," said Deborah McNeil, whose grandson attends the school. "Just fearful she will go to another school with other children."

"We'll definitely be monitoring this a whole bunch," said Doug Nicholson, whose grandson will be starting school in the Citrus County School District soon. "Get a fresh start somewhere else and maybe use her head this next time."

But not all parents were happy with the decision. Some told us they think the whole thing has been blown out of proportion. Others said while they don't agree with what she said in the podcast, their kids said she was a good teacher.

The review of her resignation is scheduled for the next school board meeting on April 10.

Spectrum Bay News 9 Reporters Jason Lanning and Sarah Blazonis contributed information in this report.