A 14-year-old student at Winter Haven Christian School was taken into custody Thursday after a firearm and two knives were found inside his backpack on campus. 

  • Teen brought gun to school to feel 'cool,' police say
  • 14-year-old arrested and charged
  • Two knives, an AP-9 semi-automatic found inside backpack

Winter Haven Police said there was no threat given by the student to harm anyone. 

When police were called, the school administration had the backpack and weapons secured and the student was isolated with administrators. 

Inside the backpack was a butterfly style knife, an SOG brand folding pocket knife, and a Kimel AP-9 semi-automatic pistol with 11 rounds of ammunition. 

The student told police that he had recently been listening to rap music and wanted to bring the gun, which belongs to his father, to feel "powerful" and "cool." 

The student was taken into custody and booked into the Polk County Detention Center for Juvenile Justice. 

"This should hopefully serve as a warning to any student who thinks it's cool to carry a weapon, especially on school grounds," said Chief Charlie Bird. "There is absolutely no room for 'cool' when it involves any sort of weapon in a school with the recent events our country has endured."

The 14-year-old student was charged with possession of a firearm on school grounds and possession of a weapon on school grounds.