St. Petersburg police on Tuesday said they've arrested a man dubbed the "man bun creeper," who they say used his cellphone to look up the skirts of unsuspecting women at a local grocery store.

  • Brian Augustus Haseloff, 35, arrested
  • Incident occurred at Publix grocery store on Roosevelt Boulevard
  • Police released video Monday afternoon

Brian Augustus Haseloff, 35, has been charged with video voyeruism, the Police Department said in a news release.

Police released surveillance video of the incidents. They said it happened at the Publix on Roosevelt Boulevard in the Gateway area on April 3 around noon.

The video shows what appears to be a man looking for a snack in the checkout line with his cell phone in one hand.

However, police said the man was actually using his cellphone to record and look under the skirts of unsuspecting women.



Female shoppers at that Publix reacted strongly to the video.

“You just hear more and more about those stories. It’s just very disturbing,” said shopper Rachel Thompson. “It makes me feel as being a female scared, threatened, just going to the grocery store you have a predator basically out there looking for you.”

Jessica Legrand said this made her think of how she can be more aware of her surroundings from now on.

“It makes me feel extremely uncomfortable," she said. "I mean, you don’t expect that to happen when you go to a grocery store let alone, anywhere."

Investigators said there’s at least one other woman he tried to use his cell phone to record under her dress in Publix last week. This time the video shows it happened down one of the isles of the grocery store.

One woman reported noticed what the 'creeper' was doing. Investigators said they want to talk to the other woman wearing the black dress in the video, who they said was unsuspecting. On Tuesday, police said they had identified the woman.