A Pinellas County school has been operating without a school zone designation to slow traffic during the peak load and unload times.

A parent of one of those kids reached out to Spectrum Bay News 9 for help.

Konstantinos Mousourallis has a daughter who attends Paul B. Stephens ESE School in Clearwater. The school caters to special needs students, giving them the tools they need to be successful in life.

He said kids are put in danger because of two things. There are no sidewalks between the school and Sunset Point Road, and there is no school traffic zone at the intersection of County Road 193 and Sunset Point Road.

The line of buses each morning trails all the way back to the school. There is no traffic signal, so anyone in the line turning left has to find an opening in traffic that's already moving faster than the 40 mph speed limit.

Mousourallis wanted to make change, so he started local.

"City of Clearwater, first I start over there," he said. "CR 193 belongs to the county, not to the city. So I called the county."

At his request, the county performed a traffic study and concluded there isn't a problem at the intersection. The decision was based on traffic crash data at the intersection.

But Mousourallis said there is a problem and shudders to think of what has to happen before they can get some help.

"We're waiting for the problem to happen first," he said. "Somebody will be killed, and after we'll say, 'Oh, we'll fix it.'"

As for getting that signal, Mousourallis isn't taking no for an answer. He has already met with Sen. Marco Rubio in Washington about the issue. He told Rubio the same thing he tells everyone: Go to the school and watch, and you will understand.