TAMPA, Fla. — When we think of heroes, our military veterans, first responders, and hospital workers might rightfully be some of the first who come to mind.

But there are others among us who are also playing a vital role in making our community a better place.

It's the man taking care of unwanted animals. The 91-year-old woman who amazes who her friends and colleagues with her volunteer efforts. The woman who lost her husband to cancer and is now using the experience to help those dealing with the awful disease. (and one more)

They're our Everyday Heroes.

Each week, Spectrum Bay News 9 brings you another Everyday Hero in our community. 

And each year, we bring all of the previous year's Everyday Heroes together for a luncheon, called "Salute to Everyday Heroes," where we present select heroes with awards — one of which is picked by you.

Here's where we ask you to help us pick the Viewers' Choice* award.

Our finalists:

  • Andy Kline: Kline founded the non-profit Odessa Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary. Most of the animals there had been unwanted and were facing their last days before he stepped in.
  • Marion Nadon: The 91-year-old Nadon is in charge of the "clothes closet" at Daystar Life Center in St. Petersburg. She also volunteers at nursing homes. Her mode of transportation? The city bus.
  • Ruth Walker: Walker knows cancer all too well, losing her husband Darryl in June. She helped form an organization called "Courage Through Cancer" to support people facing the disease alone.
  • Addison Bassford, Anna and Elise Chandler: These three young animal lovers were honored for their generosity and passion for helping injured pelicans. The girls helped raise money for the Seabird Sanctuary in Indian Rocks Beach.

Click on the links for each finalist, watch their segments, and vote in the poll below for the hero you think should be honored at our luncheon as the Viewers' Choice hero.

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  • Voting for the Everyday Hero Viewers' Choice ends at 5 p.m. Friday, January 18


Other awards that will be presented at the luncheon include:
  • Young Hero of the Year
  • Public Service Hero of the Year
  • Education Hero of the Year
  • Health Advocate Hero of the Year
  • Volunteer Hero of the Year
  • Hero of the Year

And be sure to watch our weekly Everyday Hero segment, airing each Monday.

*—Spectrum Bay News 9 reserves the right to make the final selection in Viewers' Choice voting.