PORT RICHEY, Fla -- Investigators found a body in the backyard of a Port Richey home Sunday afternoon. 

Authorities have been searching the home on Norwood Avenue for a possible body since Friday.  

The crime scene tape is finally gone on Norwood Avenue after three days of investigators digging through the backyard.

Neighbors next door to the home allowed us to come see the backyard from their property. It’s almost all dirt and they say it’s been like that for some time. 

Melissa Elliott lives just behind the home we’ve learned Shelby Nealy, 25, rented with his wife, Jamie Ivancic, 21, for a short time with their children. 

She says they kept to themselves mostly. 

“I heard maybe some loud arguing. You could overhear it because it’s right behind us,” Elliott said. 

What's known so far

Authorities say Nealy allegedly killed his wife's father, mother and brother—identified as Richard Louis Ivancic, 71, Laura Ann Ivancic, 59, and Nicholas James Ivancic, 23. The three were found dead inside of a mobile home on Juanita Way in The Meadows Mobile Home Park in Tarpon Springs on New Year's Day.

The investigation at the Port Richey home began after authorities received a tip that it could be linked to the Tarpon Springs killings.

Authorities, along with a team of forensic anthropologists, converged on the property the last few days. Officials have not said if the body is Jamie Ivancic.

The Medical Examiner's Office will have to confirm the identity of the body. 

Residents who lived near the young couple say they were very quiet.

"We didn't hear or see anything from them," neighbor Kelley Adcox said. "That's really unusual because everybody on this street just kind of knows everybody." 

Mike Stockdale, who lives across from the home, said he noticed a large dumpster on the property last spring. The dumpster appeared after the family moved out and the owner of the home had to make some repairs.

"The house was basically trashed," he said. "The garage was full of dirty diapers and stuff like that."

Nealy was arrested in Ohio and authorities say he confessed to killing his wife's family. His wife is still considered missing.

The couple's children are in protective custody.