TAMPA, Fla. — The Tampa Bay Rays may have turned their attention back to Tropicana Field in St. Pete, but in Hillsborough County, leaders are still talking about baseball.

"We had the dollars, we had the private money to do it," said county commissioner Les Miller. "It was the Rays that basically pulled away."

Hillsborough County officials are hoping to get their offer to build a new stadium in Ybor City back on the table. 

"Now they may not like the proposal, but that's OK, let's sit down and work it out," said County Administrator Mike Merrill.   

Merrill said some informal conversations are still going on between the team, the baseball commissioner and the lawyer for the Tampa Sports Authority.

"Until the Rays make a decision and sign a contract, it's still possible they could come here," Merrill said. 

Hillsborough County leaders raised $475 million in private investments for the deal, and the money is still available.

"Those investors are not going to wait forever," Merrill said.

When asked about reaction from the Rays...he just said the Rays said they appreciated the information.

Meanwhile, Hillsborough commissioners are treading very lightly. 

On Wednesday, they rejected a proposal that some thought could have jeopardized their relationship with the team.

"It's a very delicate and sensitive situation," said Hillsborough County Commissioner Ken Hagan. "I don't think it's going to be resolved any time soon."