BRADENTON, Fla. -- Bob and Dixie Johnson, who have lived in Bradenton's Bayshore Gardens neighborhood for years, are concerned about dark and murky water that has been moving into the canal behind their home. 

  • Residents notice dark, murky water in canal
  • Canal is located in Bradenton's Bayshore Gardens neighborhood
  • Residents say canal usually filled with fish and manatees

"This morning the kids took the boat out and it looked like it had been sitting in the toilet all night," Bob Johnson said. "There was stuff hanging all over it and it was just disgusting." 

The Johnson's say the coffee-colored water moved in late Saturday morning. The couples says the canal, which feeds into Sarasota Bay, is usually filled with manatees and fish. 

"It's just a mess," Dixie Johnson said. 

"Somebody has to find out where this is all coming from," Bob Johnson added. 

The Johnsons say they are worried about what could be in the water and if it will get taken care of. 

A spokesperson for Manatee County says that utility crews investigated the area on Saturday and found no infrastructure failures. On Monday, the utilities department confirmed that the discoloration is not due to any wastewater issues.

Tony Russo with Manatee County Public Works stopped by the canal on Monday to investigate the situation.  The canal is less than 1/2 mile from a major construction project on Florida Boulevard.

"We are checking erosion control and making sure there's no turbidity barriers down," he explained.

Experts at Mote Marine Laboratory say they do not believe the recent reports of water discoloration are associated with red tide.