TAMPA, Fla. — The federal shutdown is causing problems for some 800,000 workers. 

  • Furloughed TSA workers receiving food help
  • Food banks assisting with food for workers who haven't been paid in 3 weeks
  • Standoff over border wall funding led to partial government shutdown

These workers are either furloughed or working without pay. 

The weeks-old standoff over border security and a U.S.-Mexico wall led to the partial government shutdown, now on day 24 without a clear end in sight.

Meanwhile, some government workers, like TSA agents, have been calling in sick. That has left some airport short staffed. 

Staffing remains normal at Tampa International Airport. In fact, officials at Tampa's airport are helping some of its federal workers. 

The airport is teaming up with United Way Suncoast to start a food bank for airport employees. About 700 TSA workers have been working without pay for three weeks now. 

"The employees if they need to can come and pick up canned goods, dry goods, diapers, toiletries," said airport spokesperson Emily Nipps. "We're hoping to have plenty of things for them to take with them if they need them this week while they're going without a paycheck."

So far, wait times at security checkpoints at Tampa International have not been an issue. 

Other airports, however, have had some problems. Houston and Miami airports have been forced to close terminals due to TSA workers calling out sick. 

Some area food banks also are trying to help furloughed workers as well.