TAMPA, Fla. — As the government shutdown nears a full month, the closure continues to put a strain on federal workers across the country. 

  • Federal government shutdown impacting Crisis Center of Tampa Bay
  • Crisis Center officials say without funding, center can operate for about 60 days
  • Crisis Center of Tampa Bay

A variety of companies and industries are being impacted nationwide, as well as the Bay area, including the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay. 

The Crisis Center is a resource for anyone in need of help, especially women trying to escape domestic violence. 

But officials at the center say they could be the ones in need of help if the government shutdown does not end soon. 

At the Crisis Center's call center, staff members answer calls for the suicide lifeline, veteran support line, drug and alcohol hotline and the nationwide 211 service.    

Right now, the center also is partnering with other local agencies providing food bank help, assistance and social services to TSA workers at Tampa International Airport. 

All of this type of work takes money to operate and if the shutdown goes on, the Crisis Center will lose about $163,000. 

Without those funds, the center would have about 60 days to continue normal business operations. 

"We’re being optimistic that something will be, the government will go back to full operations before that time," said Crisis Center official Ken Gibson. "If that isn’t the case, then we’d be looking to work with donors, local government to put funding together to maintain the operations we have." 

Even if the government remains closed, Crisis Center officials said they will continue staffing the call center as those calls are most dire and can not go unanswered.