HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — About 300 people gathered Thursday night demanding answers in the death of a teenager struck and killed by an undercover Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputy's vehicle last week.

Josiah Pinner, 15, and his friend Damien Foster, 15, were crossing N. Florida Avenue Friday night. The Sheriff's Office said an undercover deputy swerved to avoid hitting Foster and hit Pinner, instead.

Pinner's family said they are frustrated about not getting a lot of details about what happened. They joined protesters lined up along the street near where the accident occurred Thursday, waving signs and chanting "Justice for Josiah."

"This is about family. That's why everybody is out here," said one man in the crowd.

Foster took part in the protest. He said he misses his friend.

"It's not fair," Foster said. "That was my best friend and he died right next to me."

Unanswered questions

Foster said he has questions about how fast the deputy was driving, whether he had his headlights on, and whether the deputy initially left the scene.

Colonel Kyle Robinson said they're looking into what speed he was driving and other factors, but he said the deputy did not take off.

"In no way did the Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputy flee the scene of that crash," he said.

He also said the reason it's taking a while to release information is because it's still early in the investigation. Investigators want to make sure everything is "100 accurate".

"Let me assure you this investigation is a top priority," said Robinson.

The Sheriff's Office was stationed along the road Thursday night so that none of the protesters or marchers would be injured.

The protest remained peaceful.