HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office released new details regarding a January 11 crash in which a deputy hit and killed a teenager.

Sheriff Chad Chronister said Deputy Philip Montesi had a green light and his vehicle lights on but was speeding. He said two teenagers, including the victim, had crossed the road without using a crosswalk or walk signal.

Josiah Pinner, 15, died in the incident, which happened on N. Florida Avenue.

Chronister said Montesi, who was working undercover, was driving north and had the green light to cross the intersection of E 124th Avenue. 

Montesi saw a teen walking a bike across Florida Avenue and swerved to avoid him. But the undercover vehicle ended up striking Pinner, who died.

Among the statements Chronister made Tuesday were:

- Four witnesses confirmed that the deputy's lights were on and that he had the green light.

- The teens crossed the road against a red light, and not in a crosswalk.

- Montesi was traveling 66 mph in a 45 mph zone while trying to catch up with another unit as part of an investigation.

- Montesi had been involved in three previous crashes, and was found to be at fault in none of them.

- The case was not a hit and run. Montesi performed a U-turn after he realized he had hit something.

- Montesi has taken a leave from work because he is struggling to deal with what happened.

- The investigation, including into why Montesi was speeding, is still under way.

Chronister also said he spoke with the family earlier Tuesday before addressing reporters.

"Our hearts go out to this family and we certainly mourn the loss of their son," Chronister said.

He said the investigation has been "extremely complex" and is "far from being over."