TAMPA BAY — How do you get around Tampa Bay? That’s what the Florida Department of Transportation wants to know. 

  • New survey seeks to determine what projects residents feel are most important
  • Survey available online or by phone
  • Visit tampabaysurveys.com for more info - use password BAYNEWS9
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FDOT is reaching out to area drivers with a new survey as they get ready to plan for future projects. 

“We want to find out how people move, when they move during the day, and for what purposes,” said Transportation Planning Manager Kenneth Spitz.  “Is it for school, is it for shopping or is it for work?”

He says getting that type of information is crucial as they plan for future projects with more drivers expected in the area.   

“In 20 years, there may be more than a million new residents in Tampa Bay," he explained. "Whether or not you change your travel patterns, there will be new people affecting your travel patterns. We want to get as much information as we can."

With the results of the survey, FDOT hopes to learn what road projects residents feel are the most important.

Future of transportation?

FDOT also wants to project how you’ll be getting around in the future. For example, if you'll use ride-share services like Uber or ride in automated cars. 

“Often times, projects can take 10-15 years from when the idea starts to when it actually gets constructed," Spitz said. "So we have to look that far head in order to plan projects properly."

The survey will be available online or by phone. Some drivers will be getting postcards in the mail inviting them to take the survey and will be put into an Amazon gift card drawing after filling it out. 

However, anyone can take the survey. Visit www.tampabaysurveys.com for more information. You’ll need this password BAYNEWS9. 

To take the survey over the phone, call 813-200-5650. 

To use the app, download rMove from your smartphone store.