PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — A newly released medical examiner's report shows two-year-old Jordan Belliveau's cause of death last year was blunt trauma.


The autopsy report showed the toddler had a number of injuries at the time of his death. He had a skull fracture, a broken femur, and bruising.

The report also shows he had a cut on his scalp, a brain bleed and injuries to his lip.

“In a two year old, bones are still kind of sponge-like," said Dr. Deepa Verma from Synergistiq Integrative Health. "They’re still forming and they’re not as strong as you would see in an adult so just a fall down the stairs, a parent rough-handling them, that could easily result in a fracture. Typically when you see or when I’ve seen skull fractures you think of child abuse or they’re been thrown or hit or pushed against a wall.”

Verma is not associated with this case.

Jordan's mother, Charisse Stinson, reportedly told investigators she hit him and his head hit the wall, and then he had a seizure.

“He could’ve been multiple times,” Verma said. “He could’ve been slapped. But a laceration is nothing but a cut skin, and if there was a laceration on the scalp it must have been pretty hard and what happens underneath that is the skin gets lacerated. The bone could get fractured and those are the results you see interracially.”

Verma went on to say if Stinson had called 911 immediately after that, Jordan would’ve lived to see his third birthday.

“I think he was probably, definitely alive at the house and then he just deteriorated throughout the night," she explained. "He had seizures, and he probably slowly started losing his respirations, kind of almost going into cardiac arrest."

"He wasn’t getting enough oxygen to the brain," Verma went on. "I think if she called right away after he started seizing, and taken him to the hospital, there is a very high probability he would be here with us today."

Stinson is charged with first degree murder and accused of making up a fake kidnapping story to cover up the crime. Her newborn daughter, who she gave birth to while behind bars, is now in the custody of Jordan’s former foster family.

The couple says they plan to adopt her. 

Stinson went before a judge Monday morning for a pretrial hearing in that first-degree murder case. She’s due back in court next month.