POLK COUNTY, Fla. — Teachers across America are finding new ways to celebrate Black History Month in their classrooms. Some are decorating their classroom doors to celebrate the cause.

  • Image of art teacher's door decorated for Black History Month goes viral
  • Door pays homage to black women with dread locks

The door of Lake Alfred Elementary School Art Teacher Chanique Davis has gone viral. It pays homage to black women with dread locks, a hairstyle she said is sometimes taboo in the corporate world. She posted a picture of it on social media and it has received thousands of likes and plenty of shares on others’ pages.

“People with millions of followers have shared it and it went viral. I had you know different individuals, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez in New York re-sharing it. Different blogs re-sharing it and it just went viral. And I have people from everywhere contacting me about the door,” explained Davis.

It was shared by diaper innovator Jennifer Labit, who promised to send the art teacher school supplies.

“It’s really cool to see the artwork go viral. It’s really exciting to see the children’s responses toward it. You know when I told them their art was being recognized they were so excited because I had my art club members twist the bulletin board paper into these locks so they were involved in creating this door,” Davis said.

Some of her students said they’re enjoying these non-traditional lessons on Black History and culture.

“I really like drawing art and learning about Black History,” said one of Davis’ students, Layla Purdy.

“I hope that they take away, of course, a deeper level of art appreciation, but also a deeper appreciation for African American culture. A deeper level of acceptance,” Davis said.