CLEARWATER, Fla. — Dozens of people gathered for a "build the wall" rally in downtown Clearwater as lawmakers in Washington DC continue to work to avoid another government shutdown.

  • Build the Wall rally Sat afternoon in Clearwater
  • Rally supporters said another shutdown is OK as long as wall is built
  • Government funding set to expire Feb. 15

Supporters of President Trump hope he can get a deal done with Congress that includes funding for the border wall with Mexico. 

Many at the rally said they'll support another shutdown if it means the wall is built. 

"If he has to shut down again I’m OK with him shutting down again. We have to win," said organizer Penny Jones. 

Republicans have been willing to go lower than the president's $5.7 billion request for border wall funding. Democrats have signaled flexibility on money for barriers.

The question is if they can agree in time and if the president does too. 

"I'm absolutely confident that the members of the conference committee are going to come up with a good deal. The question is whether the president will go along with it," said Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY). 

Things like more funding for personnel at the border are also being negotiated. 

The stopgap government funding expires on February 15.