ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — An accomplished volunteer, Jessica Tomlinson isn't letting a disability hold her back. 

  • Everyday Hero Jessica Tomlinson volunteers at All Children's and teaches skills to the blind
  • Tomlinson does all this and is vision-impaired herself
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Despite being vision impaired, Tomlinson has accomplished a lot. 

She has volunteered at John Hopkin's All Children's Hospital for seven years - never allowing that she is vision-impaired. 

"My condition relates to optic nerves being under developed," said Tomlinson, describing her condition. "Some fibers grew in and some didn’t."

Kelly Morris is a music therapist who works with children, helping them cope better with anxiety and depression through the use of music.

She’s worked with Tomlinson for years. 

"She’s (Tomlinson) just a joy to have volunteering here," Morris said. "She’s so kind and so willing to help people that it’s really been a pleasure to know her."

Tomlinson also teaches at the Lighthouse for the Blind. 

"I started by teaching people about computer skills and how to use smart phones," Tomlinson said. "And I also have a class where I teach how to cook safely. 

"Now I have just finished grad school and have become a certified vision rehab specialist. So I will be officially licensed to teach more types of classes there."

For Tomlinson, the thought that she may be bringing comfort to those dealing with serious issues at the hospital is enough to keep her playing piano there, which she often does.

"It’s nice to know I can provide, if nothing else, a break from planning and worrying and trying to figure out what’s next."