PASCO COUNTY, Fla. — A motorcyclist was arrested and charged after hitting a toddler Sunday night just before 8 p.m. and fleeing the scene.

  • Motorcyclist Buddy Kline charged after hitting toddler
  • 2-year-old suffered serious injuries, expected to be OK
  • Neighbor says street is very dark

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the motorcycle was traveling eastbound on Oak Crest Drive, approaching several children playing basketball in the roadway at 7316 Oak Crest Drive, and struck a 2-year-old girl

After striking the toddler, troopers said the driver and passenger of the bike—Buddy Kline, 63, and Stacy Wegener, 58—got off the motorcycle and began to argue with the parents of the child before fleeing the scene. 

FHP said Kline was located shortly after as he pulled into his residence located at 7419 Oak Crest Drive. 

The victim, 2-year-old Izzabella Brinson, was transported to St. Joseph's Children's Hospital with serious injuries. She is expected to be OK.

Neighbor Felix Nevis says he is constantly looking out for his children when they are outside and also put extra lights in his yard because the street is dark.

"That's why I had to put them up, because you can’t see anything," Nevis said. "If you're pulling out of your driveway without lights, you’ll get hit, because that’s how far apart they are."

Another neighbor who asked that her name not be used said Kline was an "extremely nice man" and said she was surprised by what happened.

"Even in the neighborhood, he drives cautiously. He’s not crazy like that," she said.

"Whatever happened is tragic on both sides."

Kline was charged with failure to use due care, DUI, and leaving the scene of a crash.