TAMPA, Fla. — The City of Tampa's Election Day is still a few weeks off. 

But with all the amendments on the ballot, in addition to picking a new mayor, voters may want to study the ballot ahead of the March 5 Election Day. 

There are 18 amendments to vote on on the ballot. That will not make for a quick trip in and out of the voting booth. 

And voters getting mail-in ballot are finding out it is a loaded ballot as well. 

Tampa resident Bonnie McReedy was quite surprised when she saw her ballot.

"(Then) I looked over all these other pages, that's all I was expecting to get," McReedy said. "And I looked, and it was all these amendments."

Adding to the situation is that some of the amendments come with complex language. 

The amendments mainly address semantic changes to the city charter, budgeting issues and general government operation. 

But with some many amendments, some may just skip the amendments altogether, or just answer them all the same. 

"Where I am now at this point in time, I'm going to vote for the one I am very comfortable with," McReedy said. "And the rest just now. And that's not a really intelligent vote."

The Hillsborough County of Elections Office is advising voters to check out a sample ballot to get familiar with the amendments.