ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Sonia Hidalgo serves hospice in a unique way, usually through a variety of duties.

  • Hospice volunteer provides needs to patients in the program
  • Everyday Hero Sonia Hidalgo is a longtime Suncoast Hospice volunteer
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A mother of two young children, Hidalgo volunteers with Suncoast Hospice. 

On a recent trip to a Pinellas Park home, Hidalgo dropped off cookies for JoBeth and Ed Wisner. Ed is under hospice care. 

"I am making oatmeal cookies that JoBeth's dear friend gave her the recipe," Hidalgo said. "I'm never sure what we're doing but it's always some fun recipe." 

Hidalgo said she also planned to make a casserole for another family. 

Cooking is just one of Hidalgo's contributions she makes on her visits, including giving caregiver JoBeth some time off. 

And that is invaluable for JoBeth and Ed, who consider Hidalgo a friend. 

"She's just an angel," JoBeth said. "She's the kind that comes and in find things and does things. I don't have to supervise or any of that. She just does a beautiful job." 

Hidalgo said the volunteer program with Hospice is one with a very large umbrella for people of all ages, experience and talents. 

"They (Hospice) are basically open and just saying 'come on board'," Hidalgo said of opportunities to volunteer. "Come on board and we'll place you where your heart wants to be."