ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — A director of college entrance exam preparation at Florida's IMG Academy is among those facing charges in a sweeping admissions bribery case.

Mark Riddell, who lives in Palmetto, began working at IMG academy in 2006. The academy bills itself as the world's largest and most advanced multi-sport training and educational institution. Its students often gain admission to top universities.

IMG Academy is located in Bradenton.

According to court documents, Riddell is charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

According to his profile on the IMG website, "His knowledge of test preparation, tutoring prowess, athletic background, and experience as a former IMG Academy student make him an important mentor for IMG Academy students."

Federal officials allege that Riddell would take tests in place of some students, or correct their answers. The indictment says he was funnelled $10,000 per test through a phony charity. The indictment also said Riddell once went to Houston to take an entrance exam for a student.

His profile was removed Tuesday afternoon from the IMG site. Late Tuesday night they announced he was "suspended indefinitely."

Riddell was formerly an NCAA and ATP tennis player.

The racketeering conspiracy charges unveiled Tuesday were brought against coaches at schools including Wake Forest University, Georgetown and the University of Southern California.

"We've charged 50 people nationwide, with participating in a conspiracy that involves first, cheating on college entry exams, meaning the SAT and ACT," said U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling. "And second, securing admission to elite colleges, by bribing coaches at those schools to accept certain students under false pretenses."

Prosecutors say parents paid an admissions consultant $25 million from 2011 through February 2019 to bribe coaches and administrators to label their children as recruited athletes to boost their chances of getting into schools.

Hollywood actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin were also among the dozens charged.