CITRUS COUNTY, Fla. — In order to supplement school security countywide, the Citrus County School District is looking to add a new volunteer role to school campuses: school safety volunteers.

  • Volunteers will not be armed
  • Volunteers will be responsible for campus, perimeter security checks
  • Deadline to apply for positions is April 1
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While the volunteers' responsibilities would include carrying out campus and perimeter security checks, they would not be "school guardians" as the state defines that role, and they would not replace School Resource Officers. 

Citrus County School District Spokeswoman Lindsay Blair said these volunteers won’t be armed, but will have direct contact with the school SROs on every campus, as well as school administration. They’ll also follow volunteer guidelines as all other volunteers. 

“We prefer these volunteers to have, you know, military experience, any law enforcement background that they may have," Blair explained. "Prior security training, anything of that nature would be great." 

“They’ll be able to see anything that may be out of the ordinary," she added. "It’s that old additive: 'See something say something.'”  

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Blair said the district is still interested in adding school guardians to campuses, as well. 

Citrus Sheriff Mike Prendergast has suggested he's open to the possibility of school guardians. In a letter dated March 13 to Citrus Schools Superintendent Sandra Himmel, he asked if the district wanted them and to identify potential individuals for training.

It is a possibility that people who apply for the new school safety volunteer positions may be considered in the future for the guardian program. 

“Some of these volunteers that want to come on board as a volunteer right now, and if we do open up that guardian program, there’s nothing to say that some of these volunteers may want to be a guardian,” Blair explained. 

The district hopes to start training their safety volunteers on April 9. The deadline to apply in April 1. 

You can find more information on how to apply HERE.