TAMPA, Fla. — It was the moment Jennifer Infante and her husband, William Paredes, were so anxiously waiting for.

On Tuesday morning, the young family was given the green light to stay in the U.S. for another year. 

"The wait was long but so worth it! I felt like, a sense of peace in my heart, tranquility," Infante said. 

The family of four faced possible danger if they were deported back to Venezuela.

Their attorneys fought for an extended stay — successfully filing a petition to let them stay until it's safe for them to return to their home country.

"I would say it's several victories. One, we're paving the way for other individuals to obtain the same relief," said attorney Oxalis Garcia. "Two, we're informing society of what the reality is for these individuals."

The family had the support of advocates like Casa Venezuela Tampa Bay and the Migrants Foundation. 

Casa Venezuela president Norma Reno has stood with the family at every meeting with immigration officials, and was overcome with emotion when the family got the news.  

"What we have to do is continue working and see if we can get TPS (temporary protection status) for the Venezuelans," Reno said. 

Infante said she is hopeful change in Venezuela will come soon. 

"It's a year. It seems short but it's enough," she said. "It's a lot because I have faith that a lot of good things can happen for Venezuelans."

The family will not have to check in with immigration officials until next March, when their stay of removal is up.