FLORIDA — With hurricane season fast approaching, people might want to find out now if severe weather will affect them, especially if you live in a flood prone area.

  • New app to show flooding impacts during severe storm
  • Flood zone changes in Hillsborough County
  • App to give you info on what flood zone you're in

FEMA recently released updated flood risk maps in Hillsborough County.

Do you live above water in case of a catastrophic storm event?

A new app will find out how your home will be affected in a severe storm causing a flood event.

Here's how it works: 

  • Click on the link to start your flood hazard search.
  • Find your address on the map.
  • Then you click the pin tool to mark your location.
  • Simply press execute and receive a report.
  • The process may take up to one minute.

Once it is done, it will render a document with information about what flood zone your address sits in.

Spectrum Bay News 9 Weather Experts want to let you know a flood hazard map is not the same as a hurricane evacuation zone map. Those are two different things.

Flood insurance is available to all homeowners.

Some have more risk than others, while required flood insurance depends on the zone you live in and mortgage.

Click here for more information from FEMA about flood zones.