BROOKSVILLE, Fla. – A video of a Brooksville woman rescuing a snake from a beer can has gone viral.

  • Brooksville woman finds snake stuck in beer can
  • Rosa Fond was able to get the snake out

It’s not what Rosa Fond expected to see as she walked down the street last Thursday.

"I was shaking and freaking out," Fond said.

Fond, an animal lover and founder of the animal rescue Humans and Animals United, works mainly with dogs, but not snakes. However, she still knew she had to do something to help.

"I knew I was going to so regardless of what was going to happen I knew I was going to do it," Fond said.

It wasn’t an easy task, the black racer did put up a little bit of a fight.  At one point she said the snake even wrapped around her arm.  But after a few minutes, she was able to get the snake out.

Fond said she felt relieved.

"There’s so much bad going on in this world," she said. "When you bring something happy into the world that makes people smile that matters to me."

Fond said she did pick up that beer can after the snake was freed.