INVERNESS, Fla. — The Valerie Theater in Inverness is home to a number of local productions in Citrus County. This week, some students got the chance to see the actors in action and learn about the arts. 

  • Students experience live rehearsal at Valerie Theater
  • Students got to learn about what it takes to put on a show
  • More info, tickets available

For some of these students it was their first time seeing a live show. 

For junior Destiny Kilpatrick, acting is her lifelong dream. But up until now, she’d never seen a show live in person. 

“I like to make people happy and make people smile,” Kilpatrick said. 

That was the case for many of her classmates too, which is why the Citrus County Education Foundation organized a trip for some Citrus High School Students. 

They got to see a rehearsal for “The Mousetrap,” a classic British murder mystery play, and learn about what it takes to bring a show to life. 

“I thought it was funny. The difference of watching a show and then seeing it live, it’s just more like intimate and I like that,” Kilpatrick explained. 

It’s all part of a push to support the arts in Citrus County. In fact, all proceeds from this show at the Valerie will go to the Citrus County Education Foundation to form a grant for teachers in arts programs to use. 

“For many students the arts is really their outlet in life. What they have is a passion and a drive to do something special to do something great. The arts not only allows them to do that but it also teaches them so many life skills, learning how to talk with each other learning how to do a lot of things that maybe they couldn’t do before,” said Shandua Burdette, Executive Director of the Citrus County Education Foundation. 

The cast and the crew of “The Mousetrap” are all volunteering their time to put this production on for the students. This weekend there are shows on Friday and Saturday night as well as Saturday afternoon. You can get tickets here