PASCO COUNTY, Fla. — An incident in Pasco County that started with three women naked at an I-75 rest stop culminated in a pursuit involving Florida Highway Patrol troopers, Dade City Police, stop sticks, PIT maneuvers, and tasers, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

  • Suspects at one point attempted to hit trooper with vehicle, baseball bat
  • FHP deployed GPS device to suspect vehicle to track their movements
  • Suspects continued to resist after vehicle stopped, had to be tasered
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FHP identified the suspects as Oasis Shakira McLeod, 18, Jeniyah McLeod, 19, and Cecilia Young, 19. They were charged with Fleeing to Elude, three counts of Resisting Arrest, two counts of Aggravated Assault, and three counts of Lewdness - Indecent Exposure. 

Officials said at around 11:15 a.m. Wednesday FHP units responded to a report of "suspicious persons" at the northbound I-75 rest area south of State Road 54. Once there, a trooper reported observing three women naked - the women told the trooper they had just showered and were "air drying."

As the trooper was gathering information, the women suddenly fled. The trooper initially moved to pursue, but was ordered to stand down, as the circumstances did not meet FHP criteria for pursuit.

Reckless driving, assault

Shortly after, the agency received a *347 call from a resident reporting the suspect vehicle driving recklessly. At one point, it was driving in the wrong direction on State Road 52.

A second FHP trooper initiated pursuit for the reckless driving and deployed a StarChase device onto the suspect vehicle, allowing FHP to monitor its movements from a distance. The pursuing trooper backed off as the agency continued to track the vehicle, eventually locating it in a convenience store parking lot on State Road 52 and Curley Road.

When troopers arrived at the vehicle, it was empty. The three women were inside the convenience store, and as they came out Trooper Ronald Paulin attempted to take one of them into custody. 

While Paulin was attempting to complete the arrest, one of the other women in the driver's seat of the vehicle purposely drove at him, according to the agency. Paulin was forced to let the suspect go and jump backwards in order to avoid being hit.

At the same time, the third suspect got out of the vehicle with a metal bat and attempted to strike Paulin. Another trooper, Sgt. Dennis Rich, seeing Paulin in danger, struck the suspect vehicle with his patrol vehicle. The suspects then fled the scene again.

Chase ends, suspects still resist

With Paulin and Rich in pursuit, the suspect vehicle continued to flee eastbound on State Road 52. 

Dade City Police responding to the area deployed stop sticks and successfully deflated the subject vehicle's tires. After that, the FHP troopers pursuing the suspects were able to perform a PIT maneuver and end the chase.

However, the suspects continued to resist arrest, refusing to comply with commands and exit the vehicle. They also interlocked their arms inside the vehicle.

Paulin then reportedly broke out the vehicle's windows, and the suspects were each tasered in order to take them into custody. Several of the troopers involved in the entire incident suffered minor injuries.