TAMPA, Fla. — Hundreds of volunteers were up early Saturday morning painting homes across the City of Tampa as part of this year's "Paint Your Heart Out" event.

  • Event co-sponsored by City of Tampa
  • Once-a-year event since 1988
  • Event helps homeowners facing financial hardships or disability
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Each year, homeowners and families who may be struggling to keep their homes due to financial hardships or medical disability receive a free paint job as part of the event.

Seeing a fresh coat of paint on her Tampa home was a huge relief for Diane Bennett.

“It was an absolute disaster," Bennett said, referring to her house's exterior before today. "I was wondering how it was going to get painted."

Volunteers from Chapters Health System were assigned to her house and arrived bright and early to help transform her home. They grabbed brushes, rollers and ladders and got to work. 

“To actually be able to help someone with the upkeep of their home, for something they wouldn’t be able to do themselves, it feels great,” said Victor Moore, who volunteered from Chapters Health System.

Several local organizations and companies sent volunteers out across Tampa to take part in the event. 

“The need is huge. We service seniors, the less fortunate, those physically unable to paint,” Moore said. 

When the paint jobs are finished, “Paint Your Heart Out” signs are proudly placed outside dozens of the homes. 

Bennett couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the finished product. 

“It’s so much better. Excellent,” Bennett said.  

Paint Your Heart Out in Tampa has been going on once a year since 1988.