TAMPA, Fla. — Developers of a new app are hoping users come to see it as "the Uber or Airbnb of lawn care services."

  • "GreenPal" now available in the Bay area
  • App connects users to pre-screened vendors 
  • Homeowners can select a vendor based on bids to perform the work
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"[Users] would list address that they want the service done, and what that does is that will alert all the pre-screened vendors in the area that there's a new lawn up for bid," explained Gene Caballero, the co-founder of "GreenPal."

Those vendors can see the property based on the street view in Google Maps and can then make bids. Homeowners can then select who they want for the job based on the bid as well as the vendor's ratings and reviews.

One lawn care professional we spoke to said the app takes a lot of the ground work out of building a clientele.

"It definitely grows," said Mike Williams of Insignia Landscape. "We get new business every month. We get new customers that call in everyday looking for new business, and GreenPal navigates that for us."

Although the GreenPal app has received some negative feedback regarding technical glitches and customer service issues, Caballero insists the four-year-old app is changing the way people care for their lawns.

"People are used to calling, people are used to leaving a check under the mat," he said. "They’re really not used to this part of an industry being solved by technology, so that’s the biggest hurdle we have to overcome."

GreenPal is available for both iOS and Android devices.