PORT RICHEY, Fla. – The remaining members of Port Richey’s City Council voted councilman William Dittmer into the position of vice mayor Tuesday.

  • Port Richey city council chooses new vice mayor
  • Councilman William Dittmer will hold the position for 1 year
  • Dittmer will also serve as acting mayor until residents elect a new one in June

Dittmer will hold the position for one year and serve as acting mayor until residents elect a new mayor in June.

Terrence Rowe briefly held the acting mayor position following Dale Massad’s resignation after his arrest for allegedly practicing medicine without a license and attempted homicide.

Rowe was suspended by Gov. Ron DeSantis last month following his own arrest for allegedly interfering in the Massad investigation.

Tuesday’s organizational meeting wasn’t in response to Rowe’s suspension. Dittmer and councilwoman Jennie Sorrell were sworn into office ahead of the meeting, and city attorney James Mathieu said the election of a vice mayor happens every year following the swearing in of newly-elected or re-elected members.

"Fantastic. We’re moving forward, resident Lisa Burke said of the council's action. "That’s a step forward."

The special mayoral election is scheduled for June 18.