TAMPA, Fla. — A Puerto Rican family displaced by Hurricane Maria is left without a home once again after last Friday's storms.

  • Puerto Rican family displaced for 2nd time
  • Family lost home during Hurricane Maria
  • Friday's storms caused ceiling to collapse 
  • GoFundMe set up to help family

Thanks to Jeannie Calderin of 'Somos Puerto Rico Tampa,' Hiram Marco, Janice Rosado, and their two kids found a new place to call home in Tampa after they lost everything during Hurricane Maria. 

Marco and Rosado say Calderin has been their guardian angel.  Both of them are deaf and can read lips, but only in Spanish.  So transitioning to a new state, a new community, a new home, and a new way of life was difficult. 

"They know sign language, but it's in Spanish, not in English. So it has been difficult because they have to either write it down or use Google translator," Calderin said. 

Over the past year, Calderin helped them communicate, settle down, and find a home. 

However, their new chapter in life was suddenly upended when Friday's storms caused their ceiling to collapse. 

"Dad is deaf so he couldn't hear the noise coming from the ceiling," Calderin said translating for them. 

"My son told me and thanks to him we got out," Marco said. 

Now the family of four is living in a hotel and has to start over for the second time.  The family plans on relocating to Massachusetts where they have family. 

"I feel like a mama hen. They're going to be in Massachusetts and I'm not going to be there to help them if they need anything," Calderin said. 

Calderin plans to help them with moving costs, along with giving them a warm goodbye. 

"I surely will miss them. As an organization you help all these families and I guess they kinda become part of you," she said.  "I'm happy they're going to be with family and I know they're going to be okay."

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