Melyssa Ford has returned to her Hollywood Unlocked [Uncensored] show, which has a million podcast subscriptions and 130,000 YouTube subscriptions. 

“It felt like I was coming back home,” Ford said.

She walked back home to the studio after almost a year away from her fans. Last summer, she nearly lost her life when her Jeep flipped over three times on the Ventura Freeway in a crash involving a truck.

“My world was literally turned upside down,” said Ford. 

She suffered brain damage and for a time was unable to walk. With no opportunity to work, she went into a period of darkness and depression. 

“There were days where I couldn’t see tomorrow, like there’s a sense of hopelessness. It just felt like I was a burden on people because I was in so much pain and I didn’t know how to be in this much pain,” she said. 

But slowly the healing process began, and Ford found joy again when she returned to her fitness, restoring not just physical but also the mental.

“I needed my body to be connected to this new brain of mine. I needed there to be a symbiotic relationship develop between the two,” Ford said.  

She believes she’s been given the gift of life not for herself but for others.

“It seems that I have become a source of inspiration and motivation for people. I think that made me understand what the purpose is,” said Ford. 

It's a purpose she can share with the world back behind the mic.