ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — The St. Petersburg City Council voted Thursday to remove three housing authority board members, as suggested by Mayor Rick Kriseman. 

Housing authority board members Ann Sherman-White, Harry Harvey and Delphinia Davis were informed they were being removed in a letter in late April. 

The Council approved that recommendation at Thursday's meeting.

The board members are accused of neglecting their duties and withholding information from the public. 

The commissioners are not paid but are expected to make decisions that will benefit the residents who need affordable housing. According to a 31-page report obtained by Spectrum Bay News 9, from 1995 to 2018 the authority didn't submit required annual reports to the city.

Harvey served for 23 of the 24 years the reports weren't filed.

Meanwhile, the mayor said Shermin-White was absent from 40 percent of the regular board meetings in 2018.

And Davis approved a nine-month, rent-free stay for Housing Authority CEO Tony Love in an apartment owned by the authority. Harvey also voted to approve that.

The mayor doesn't have the authority to remove Love from his position. Only the commissioners are able to do that, which they voted to do Thursday.

The only commissioners left to serve on the board are Terri Scott and Gabriell Davis, who is also a housing residents.

The mayor will recommend three new commissioners, and that board will decide the fate of embattled CEO Tony Love.