LARGO, Fla. — A trial date has been set for the Largo mother charged with killing her 2-year-old son and then faking a kidnapping story to cover it up. 

Charisse Stinson is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Jordan Belliveau.   

Her murder trial has been set to begin March 2, 2020. Stinson did appear in court Tuesday.

In Sept. 2018, Stinson told Largo police she had accepted a ride from a man who she believed had kidnapped Jordan.  An Amber Alert was sent out and Jordan was found dead in a wooded area of Largo on September 4, 2018.

Stinson later told police that she hit Jordan, causing his head to hit a wall and resulting in a seizure.  Jordan died a few hours later.  The medical examiner determined the cause of death was from blunt force trauma


Stinson was six months pregnant when arrested after Jordan's death.  She gave birth to baby girl in December, who is now in the care of Jordan's former foster parents

It’s been a month since her last hearing, where Stinson's attorney said she was in discussions with the State Attorney about a possible plea deal. 

Apparently that will not happen now.

There will be a pre-trial hearing on July 9.

Stinson's attorney says she intends to file a motion for change of venue before the trial, which will likely be a high-profile proceeding.

"As the court is aware, I have not much engaged in the discovery process hoping to be able to resolve the case which I'm not certain is going to be possible," Public Defender Allison Miller told a judge Tuesday in court. "And so I think there's a substantial amount of discovery that still needs to be done."

Prosecutors said they have 35 witnesses but may be able to cut that down and the trial will likely last a week. State officials also said there’s a lot of video evidence in this case.