SARASOTA, Fla. — Little hands placed another homemade card by a growing memorial for Roman Miller, 9.

Next to it, a handwritten note and a sign adorned with stick figure doodles.

"It could have been anybodys kid and that's the heartbreaking thing," said Amanda Avery, a parent of one of Roman's classmates.

Roman was killed while riding his bicycle to Brentwood Elementary School on Monday morning. He was riding on Webber Street with his older sister, and as he crossed the intersection with Nodosa Drive, a black Chevy Silverado struck him.

At a Sarasota County Commission meeting Tuesday, Commissioner Christian Zeigler stated that something needs to be done to improve safety for young students while they're on their way to school. Right now, students that live less than two miles from school are not permitted to take the bus.

"Especially within two miles. That's really where the county is responsible because the buses only pick up two miles and out," he said.

According to a family friend, the Miller family lives just shy of two miles away from Brentwood Elementary, where Roman was in third grade.

Commissioners discussed solutions for improved safety, such as adding speed bumps, extending school zones, and adding crossing guards. Zeigler also spoke about improving school safe routes for every campus, so students know the most protected way to go.

Avery stands by an improved bus system.

"It would be great if they had the bus system for the kids that can't get to school or the parents that have to work, its just safer," she said.

The commission directed county staff to work with the Sheriff's Office and school district on plans for a solution.