INVERNESS, Fla. -- A Citrus County grandmother is still missing two years after she vanished. 

  • Citrus County woman missing since 2017
  • Carol McHugh, 72, was last seen walking near her Inverness home
  • Investigators are still trying to find McHugh

Carol McHugh, 72, has dementia and was last seen going for a walk near her home on East Regency Row in Inverness.

McHugh’s granddaughter, Dani Phillips, can’t believe it's been two years since her grandmother went missing. 

“It still feels like it was just yesterday," Phillips said. "I think that’s kind of the funny thing about grief and time and space is that no matter how long it’s been the reality of it is still with you."

McHugh went missing on June 8, 2017.

The Sheriff's Office and volunteers searched for her for five days but found no clues as to where she had gone. 

But Phillips said in the last two years, investigators haven’t stopped looking into her grandmother’s case, keeping them updated on any potential new leads. 

“That type of attention to detail and real focus on the case still this long after is something that we really appreciate,” Phillips said. 

She said they’ve also found comfort in the community's support, both in person, and online. 

A new mother herself, Phillips said it’s difficult knowing her grandmother isn’t there. 

“Not having those figures in our lives especially for something like a young family member to learn from and grow from and love that is hard and it would be nice to have someone to ask the questions that I have and ask them these things,” Phillips said. 

“But, I’m confident we’ll be reunited again and I can ask her everything I need,” she added. 

And Phillips believes that’ll be possible with the community’s help, stressing even the littlest detail could make the biggest difference. 

“It’s very possible that there is information that’s out there that they’re just not knowing needs to be shared while very small and seemingly insignificant, you know you were able to give somebody who was hungry a meal or someone who couldn’t buy a bus pass pay their fare, remembering that person and staying vigilant that would completely change everything for us,” she said. 

If you have any information about Carol McHugh’s whereabouts, you’re asked to contact Detective Ricci through the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency line at 352-726-1121.

You can also anonymously report tips through Crime Stoppers and be eligible for a reward up to $3,000.