NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla.— For the first time, ghost tours are coming to New Port Richey.

Paranormal investigators recently got to look into several old buildings in downtown. They say there is a lot of activity.

For those who have lived in New Port Richey for a long time, they are not surprised to hear that. 

Beth Fregger, owner of the Chasco Inn, says many guests have seen a ghost appear there.

“They’ve seen this very tall man with a black hat and a black trench coat,” Fregger said. “And I’ve had my own paranormal experiences, too.”

The Inn is one of many stops on the brand new tour coming to downtown. Spectrum News got a sneak peak of it on Monday. 

Paranormal investigator Nicole Ferro will lead the tours. She says she was aware of spirits within minutes of coming downtown.

“It’s amazing that the spirits still want to talk to us. And then there’s people who are willing to tell us their stories of paranormal experiences here,” Ferro said. 

The tours started as part of the Land Office Centennial Celebration, taking place this Friday as the building turns 100 this year. 

The building’s current owner, Derek Pontlitz, wants to use the tours as a way to remember the history of the downtown area. 

Using some of the equipment you might see on "Ghost Hunters", the paranormal investigators are getting into the downtown buildings for the first time. They're picking up what they call "electronic voice phenomenon" (better known as EVP) as evidence of spirits there. 

Some of the places they checked out were the Suncoast Theater and the Hacienda, where there are many spooky stories.

“At the Hacienda, people have seen puffs of smoke or smell smoke coming from the balcony — yet no one is there,” said investigator Chris Gostowksi. “We know that many guests smoked up there in the past.”

The tours will also get into the history of the city and the buildings where ghost stories have been told. 

All of these tales may lead to some big business for the city once the tours start up full time. 

“There’s no limit to what we can do here. We can bring people from all over the world to New Port Richey," Ferro said. 

Tickets are actually sold out for the very first tours to be held this weekend as part of the Centennial Celebration. 

Rock the Boat Productions, the company that organizes downtown events, hopes to have the tours back later this year, possibly as early as August. 

For more information on the paranormal investigators, visit their Facebook page