TAMPA, Fla. — Port of Tampa Bay welcomed on Wednesday its largest container ship ever anchored there.

The CMA-CGM Dalila is able to carry more than 8,000 20-foot-long shipping containers.

So why is the biggest ship Tampa Bay's ever had making a stop here?

The route was added because companies involved want a more direct path to Florida's largest emerging market with a high concentration of distribution centers.

That's the region known as the I-4 Corridor.

The Dalila will connect Tampa Bay and Central Florida directly to Asian markets.

It'll make a weekly stop and make the trip from here to Singapore in 37 days.

The stop before Tampa is New Orleans. The stop after is Miami.

CMA-CGM is a French shipping company.

In the containers, there are all sorts of products coming from Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China and Korea, in order of port of call.

The top goods coming from those countries are computers, electronics and cars, also microchips, machinery parts and pharmaceuticals.