HERNANDO COUNTY — Hernando County will soon have another school bus on its streets, but this one won't be carrying students. It's going to be an AmbuBus to be used in emergencies.

  • AmbuBus can transport up to 12 people in need of medical attention
  • Helpful for any situation where many people need help
  • Concept could eventually be pushed across Florida
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"This would make a huge difference in the ability to move a great number of patients," said Hernando County Fire Rescue Division Chief Alex Lopez.

The bus will be able to transport up to 12 people who need medical attention.

The goal is to be prepared for any sort of situation where a lot of people need help.

"What's going to happen is once these events occur, the local ambulances and county ambulances and even private EMS, those resources are going to be strapped to the limits. And the ability to be able to move those patients is going to be really tested,” Lopez said.

Hernando County's Emergency Operations Department got a grant to cover the costs to retrofit the bus, and the School Board donated the bus itself.

It took multiple agencies to come together to make it happen, including Hernando County Government and the Florida Department of Health, in hopes of being able to better serve the community.

"Being able to have this resource come in and move those patients will increase the efficiency and ultimately the best care for the patients to get them to where they need to be so they can go ahead and be treated for their injuries," Lopez explained.

Lopez said the Florida Department of Health has led the push to get these AmbuBuses to emergency departments throughout the state.