MANATEE, Fla. — The parents of two recent Southeast High School graduates are searching for the truth about what happened to their sons in the moments before they were killed in Peru. 

Zachary Morris and Albert Ales were riding a moped on a celebratory graduation trip in the city of Cusco when they were struck by a bus and killed.

They were just a few hours into their trip on May 24. 

Their families are now looking for a good Samaritan who rushed to help the boys. They believe he was a doctor and vacationing from either Europe or Canada.

They say he spoke fluent English and French, and helped to comfort the boys and keep them still in the minutes after the crash. 

"If it were possible that they were able to say some words, we would love to know what they were," said Kevin Morris, Zachary's father. 

According to the families, Peruvian authorities interviewed the bus driver and his father, but failed to get statements from witnesses and bus passengers. 

"The facts of what happened to the boys, versus the version that's being told to the police down there, do not add up," Morris said. 

They plan to speak with the U.S. Embassy in Lima and push for a full investigation into the boys' deaths. 

The teens were well known among their classmates for their altruistic nature and motivated personalities.

Zachary had plans to attend Yale University and enter the U.S. Navy. Albert planned to attend the University of Central Florida and pursue a degree in engineering. 

The Morris and Ales families have created a lasting endowment that will award scholarships to two Southeast High School IB students each year. The Community Foundation of Sarasota has agreed to steward the fund. 

If you have any information about the Good Samaritan or any witnesses riding the El Huerto bus on Route 28-G, email​.