TAMPA, Fla. — A Bay Area musician most known for his viral music video and song called “Hell to the Naw Naw” has passed away.

  • Bishop Bullwinkle dead at 70 years old, family confirms
  • He's known for viral music video, song "Hell to the Naw Naw"
  • His family says his funeral will be next Saturday 

Bishop Bullwinkle’s family confirmed the news Monday afternoon that the 70-year-old died Sunday.

Bullwinkle, born Bernard Thomas, was known for his music, especially “Hell to the Naw Naw,” which went viral a few years ago. At last check the song had more than 30 million views on Youtube.

Bullwinkle’s Daughter Nikkia Wright says the 70-year-old died in the hospital on Father’s Day, days after having a heart attack and complications of a stint.

“It was heartbreaking … he was supposed to come home tomorrow,” Wright said.

Wright said her father was known all over, but to his children, he was just dad.

“Growing up in our household, it was always music. He might come in and talk a little junk. He might hear a little beat, he might start rapping. He teaches us how to read, he was rapping and reading. Like he was that music … when I think him, I think music and comedy,” she said.

Bullwinkle’s longtime friend, John Phillips, said the singer would build bicycles for children in the community who couldn’t afford them.

“Mother’s Day, he went out, and he cleaned out all the graves out there in Plant City graveyard. He was a person that when kids didn’t have a bicycle, he built bicycles. You see all the bicycle parts and all of that stuff he’s done. Bishop was a blessing to the community,” said Phillips.

“He’s not gone. He’s still here and everybody out there. Play “Hell to the Naw Naw.” You remember that Bishop is a blessing, and he’ll always be a blessing,” he added.

Bullwinkle’s family says his funeral will be next Saturday, and they say they will post updates for the funeral arrangements on his Facebook page.