TAMPA, Fla. — One after another, Hillsborough County residents pleaded with the county commission on Wednesday to get the All for Transportation Tax back on track.

"We ask you today to implement the will of the voters exactly as prescribed,” said one resident.

“Their voice and their votes should be honored,” said another.  “Honor our vote and diligently and appropriately restore the exact spending priorities that Hillsborough County voters overwhelmingly passed last November."

Judge Rex Barbas validated the tax on Monday with his ruling, but threw out the amendments' guidelines on how the money gets divided up.

Barbas said it's up to the commission.

On Wednesday, county leaders met for the first time since Judge Barbas ruled the tax can go forward.

While people in the crowd expected some kind of action, what they got is an explanation of why the "voters will" is delayed.

"It is not advisable at this time to bond the surtax dollars until this litigation is concluded,” explained County Attorney Christien Beck.

“As you know, for an ordinance there's no way to pass an ordinance today,” Beck addressed why the commission could not simply take a vote on Wednesday.  “It requires notice and public hearings and so forth. So I would think that in the coming weeks we would be tackling some of these issues."

Residents will have to wait for the process to go forward and that means an appeals process that could longer delay the implementation of the tax.

At the earliest, the Florida Supreme Court could hear the case in August.

The Hillsborough transportation tax is still being collected.

There's more than $60 million in the coffers at this point.​