ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — The City of St. Petersburg celebrated pride this weekend.

On Saturday more than 200,000 people filled downtown St. Pete for a party and parade. Businesses had pride flags displayed and people were wearing pride colors to show their support.

For one local transgender artist, seeing all the T-shirts was his favorite part of the weekend because he designed a shirt that represented TransPride. One thousand T-shirts with the logo were given away for free.

"It's part of educating the community, and letting people know, 'Hey we’re out here and we want to be loved too'," said Elliott Darrow, who designed the T-shirt.

Darrow says he created the design for the shirt the day after Pride Weekend last year. He says he wanted to promote love and equality, and raise awareness for TransPride throughout the community.

"To have a thousand people wearing my art, that’s just crazy to think about," said Darrow.

Darrow says he is excited to be involved in this year's festivities. 

"Pride started as marches, so it's important for me to go back to our roots where we started, and it helps educate people," said Darrow.

He went on to say, "I'll go to pride for one weekend and I’ll remember it for the whole entire year. I’ll remember all that love I felt and all the people that were there behind me.”

Darrow says more T-shirts are being created. They will be sold online, and proceeds will go to local LGBTQ+ organizations.