TAMPA, Fla. — Brent Galric isn’t one to shy away from a challenge.

  • Retired U.S. Army Specialist dreamed of playing basketball and serving his country
  • After car crash, Brent was left in a wheelchair
  • The Warrior Games have helped bring new meaning to his life

In 1998, a then 19-year-old Brent decided to test his limits by enlisting in the U.S. Army.

“I chose the hardest job I could find,” said Brent, “and that’s exactly what I told the recruiter.”

While serving his country overseas, Brent continued to pursue his other passion: basketball.

“Won numerous championships in the Army, I never lost a game ever,” said Brent. “I came back to the state and re-enlisted to go back again, and I was gonna play pro-ball while I was active duty.”

But Brent’s basketball and military careers came to a screeching halt after he was injured during a deployment.

“I got rear-ended in a car accident and got sent rolling down a hill. I ended up breaking bones in my face, ribs, collarbone, double compound fracture of my spine and hip,” said Brent.

Unable to serve his country or play the sport he loved, Brent suddenly faced his toughest challenge yet.

“I was extremely angry, I had a lot of darkness, I didn’t want to see sunshine,” recalled Brent. “I was very upset cause I knew my life was over.”

That was until he discovered the Warrior Games.

“New life, that’s the easiest way to explain it,” said Brent.

Brent was in a dark place. But adaptive sports helped shine a light so he could escape the darkness. He now competes regularly in wheelchair basketball, cycling and power lifting.

“Meeting these people, playing against Olympians, it’s just great,” said Brent. “So many different communities meeting each other so my family grows every year. Every month, my family gets bigger and bigger.”

Brent thought his life was over after his accident. But thanks to adaptive sports, his life is just getting started.