DADE CITY, Fla. — The man accused in the fatal 2014 Wesley Chapel movie theater shooting appeared in a Dade City courtroom Thursday morning.

Curtis Reeves is hoping to no longer be confined to house arrest.

Reeves has been charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of Chad Oulson, 43, inside Cobb Theatre in Wesley Chapel on Jan. 13, 2014. It was sparked by an argument about Oulson using his cell phone during movie previews. 

Now, Reeves' attorneys are asking Barthle to give him more freedom, so Reeves can move around through Hillsborough, Pasco and Hernando counties. Reeves, 76, who lives in Hernando County, has been monitored with a GPS system since July 2014. 

Reeves' trial has been postponed while the Florida Supreme Court decides if the revised Stand Your Ground law applies in this case.

Reeves' attorneys said Thursday that continued  house arrest doesn't make sense. Prosecutors, however, told Barthle that conditions placed on his release strike an important balance.

He can currently only leave his house to go to church, the doctor or the grocery store. There are no limits on how many visits he can make or specific locations of visits. 

His lawyers argue because of this and because he's not a flight risk or danger to the community, house arrest is unreasonable. Prosecutors say the shooting incident shows he dose pose a threat to the community and the conditions on his release should remain - something a lawyer for Oulson's family agrees with. 

"To suggest that because he’s been a good boy during the delay that the defense has created to then use that to try to get him to do whatever he wants or be able to do whatever he wants, in my opinion, is an atrocity," said TJ Grimaldi, attorney for Nicole Oulson. 

Reeves attorneys also requested that his GPS tracker be removed and that his son be allowed to take custody of his firearms. They told the judge the cost maintaining both are becoming a financial burden. 

"Why is the public safe if he’s in a grocery store, if he’s in a church, or if he’s in a doctor’s office, and if he goes anywhere else, the public isn’t safe?” asked Dino Michaels, Reeves’ attorney.

Circuit Judge Kemba Johnson Lewis said she'd take today's arguments under advisement. She did not say when she would render a decision.